About Us

Dosal Capital is a family-owned and -operated holding company with a proven track-record of building entrepreneurial businesses that aspire to become leaders in their respective industries. Since 1980, we have honed our financial, managerial and operational skills and applied these resources to help businesses unlock their intrinsic value and reach their true potential.

We are proud to have built a portfolio of operating companies that fulfill market needs, leverage partnerships with industry leaders and deliver lasting value to our employees, our clients and the larger business community.

Paramount to our success is our entrepreneurial passion and our enthusiasm to innovate and grow new businesses. We are adept at identifying market needs, leveraging our strengths and applying our expertise to turn ideas into profitable ventures that yield positive long-term returns for all stakeholders.
Alberto Dosal, Chairman & CEO
Alberto Dosal is chairman and CEO of Dosal Capital, where he brings more than 33 years of experience developing, financing and growing profitable entrepreneurial businesses. Read More

Eric Dosal, Director
Eric Dosal is a director with Dosal Capital, where he brings more than 13 years of experience financing, operating and optimizing businesses for growth, acquisition and sale. Throughout his career, he has successfully expanded the revenues of mature businesses, launched and spun off divisions into profitable subsidiaries, and led the seamless integrations of numerous mergers and acquisitions. Read More

Brian Dosal, Director
Brian Dosal is a director with Dosal Capital, where he serves as leads on the product development and branding for visions of the firm’s operating companies. With more than 10 years of product development, design and sales experience, he has a proven track record of creating solutions for complex business problems and translating those solutions into marketable and successful brands. Read More