Dosal Capital

Dosal Capital is a family-owned and operated holding company with a history of building solid, successful, stable, and growth-oriented operating businesses


Dosal Capital is currently comprised of two companies: a cybersecurity solutions provider to a software business in the HR space.

Compuquip Cybersecurity

Founded: 1980
Compuquip Cybersecurity operates as an advanced technology solutions partner and a provider of cybersecurity products and managed security services to help enterprise partners address their network infrastructure and security architecture needs.


Founded: 2019
Strety is an all-in-one software platform for team and individual performance management. With Strety, managers now have a single, comprehensive tool to manage team meetings, employee feedback, and goal tracking so teams can achieve optimal high performance.

About Us

Dosal Capital is a family-owned and operated holding company with a history of building solid, successful, stable, and growth-oriented operating businesses that benefit from the Dosal family’s combined expertise and experience. Established in 2013, the family holding company currently includes Compuquip Cybersecurity and Strety.

Dosal Capital leverages its 40 years of operational experience by applying its expertise to turn ideas into profitable entrepreneurial businesses that yield positive long-term returns and establish themselves as industry leaders.


Dosal Capital's legacy spans more than forty years and brings their decades of combined experience to their operating businesses.

Alberto Dosal and his wife, Lourdes, found Compuquip Technologies in Miami to provide technology-equipment leasing services to the area’s financial-services industry.

Compuquip Technologies includes maintenance services in addition to their technology-equipment leasing practice.


Compuquip Technologies expands to include a new range of open systems offerings to allow customers to deploy IT networks with their services.

Compuquip launches a new enterprise security practice and hired a team of IT security experts.


Alberto Dosal establishes Blue Wave Communications to complement Compuquip’s offerings and to provide well-designed voice and data cabling systems and installation that support the speed, efficiency, and security requirements of their IT networks.

Eric and Brian launch Compuquip Managed Services with 8 employees and $800K in ARR. Over the next 5 years they grow the business 11x to $8.8MM with 55 employees.


Eric and Brian Dosal co-found BrightGauge Software, a web-based business analytics platform that enables managed IT services providers (MSPs) to generate customizable performance reports and dashboards based on their unique data sources.

Compuquip sells its Managed Services division to AllCovered, a subsidiary of Konica Minolta.


The Dosals form Dosal Capital as a family holding company for their portfolio of operating companies, which at the time included Compuquip Technologies, Blue Wave Communications, and Brightgauge Software. Alberto Dosal presently serves as chairman with Eric and Brian Dosal as Co-CEOs.

Eric departs from BrightGauge to double down efforts on Compuquip which is transformed from a traditional Value Added Reseller (VAR) to Compuquip Cybersecurity a true Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).


BrightGauge is successfully sold to Continuum Managed Services

Eric and Brian launch Dosal Capital’s latest project, the all-inclusive team management platform software, Strety.


Blue Wave is successfully sold to COLLORR Corp as part of a Management Buy Out ensuring their legacy continues to live on.